Fate of My Father by Warrick Barrett and Jonathan Green Book Review by Carolyn Hayes When I read about the life of Ross Paige Barrett, I wish I could
Download This Track Artist Name - April-On-Assignment-2019.mp3 April’s a great month! April is the On a Mission Magazine release for its Spring edition; We have the Easter holiday; and, hopefully, warmer temperatu
Audio Give a Listen to Erika, our voice for On a Mission, about PUPS and their fundraiser coming up in May! (Click onto 'Audio' -above) Erika says 50s
Download This Track Artist Name - January-2019-On-Assignment.mp3 On a Mission Magazine …pages on the fly. Here is how an online dictionary describes a writer on the fly. "Is an avid, adept, disciplined, and versatil
Download This Track Artist Name - On-Assignment-December-2018.mp3 What will the new year bring? It's my desire to continue with On a Mission Magazine and our Blog Podcasts, On Assignment ! If you own a business and w
As I reflect on people and things in my life, I am so blessed. I want to share what God gives to me to others. That's what Carroll Roberson and his wi
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By Carolyn Hayes One thing most people don’t know about me is that I used to be a professional pet sitter for over 20 years. For some reason, it seems
Download This Track Artist Name - airport-cafe.mp3 by Roanne FitzGibbon When visiting the town of Urbana, Ohio, you will quickly learn that traditions are a tried and true staple of everyday life. From