Billy Graham

Billy Graham passed away Wednesday, February 21, 2018 in his home in North Carolina. He was 99. 

Mr. Graham influenced most everyone in my family. He is one of the reasons why I wanted to begin a publication in 1998. His simple, but profound messages always touched my heart. It was in 1964 that my Aunt Martha and her husband Otis loaded many of my family members in their old school bus converted into a camper and attended the Billy Graham Crusade in Columbus Ohio. I was 12 or 13 years old and just barely remember it. 

Fondly he was referred to as "America's Pastor".

In memory of Billy Graham, On a Mission next edition will feature a memorial tribute to Mr. Graham and his ministry. His life continues to touch so many lives around the world.

Without a doubt, the Lord greeted him in heaven with the words of Matthew 25:23: "...Well done, good and faithful servant!..."

Pictures used by permission of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

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