Jan-Feb-Mar Edition

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On a Mission Magazine…pages on the fly. Here is how an online dictionary describes a writer on the fly. "Is an avid, adept, disciplined, and versatile learner in the context of an activity; quickly and effectively integrates new information and skills to enhance personal performance or the performance of the organization. Learns from successes and failures, regards all experience as an opportunity to learn and improve."

Yep! That’s a pretty good description of how it goes down with pages on the fly! It’s remarkable how everything transpires here at On a Mission Magazine from the first day of compiling this publication until right down to the set deadline.Pages fly just as the Lord intends. For me, it’s quite interesting to be in the midst of all of this.


P.U.P.S. Spring Raffle & Fundraising Event
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!