Keeping the Faith

Hello everyone!

Thought I'd check in to let you know how the readership of this Blog and print magazine is going and growing. In the month of February, we have gained many more online readers. It's growing - up 40% from last month. That's great! Maybe I should have finished this title: Keeping the Faith...When the Odds are Against Us. God seeing it through. We are keeping the faith.

It's still a new magazine and we appreciate all the sponsors staying with us. We must keep the faith and stay the course. In order for this magazine to grow into the huge numbers like its competitors, the readers have to grow as well as the sponsors. Tell the sponsors you appreciate the content of this magazine and want to see more inspiring stories and articles.

I know people are helping toward the growth of the magazine. I visited my dentist the other day and lo and behold I see the first edition of the magazine in the office display of magazines. It's right there along with copies of: House Beautiful, Ohio Magazine, Golf Digest, and some other popular name magazines. I didn't happen to place it there. Someone beat me to it. Thank you! I added the new edition to the mix. And, another tidbit, all the sponsors are requesting supplies of the magazines so each copy is getting into the hands of the people who want to read the stories and passing them along to others. 

However, as publisher of On a Mission, the goal is not to be like other magazines of the world, we want to feature uplifting articles and stories that have eternal value. That's what's important to us. Looking at the News, we see our country hurting as well as the entire world. This is not to say that this magazine is the answer to the problems of our society. However, isn't it better to read something uplifting than a story with no eternal benefit or value? I think you know what I'm getting at. 

So, next time, when you see a copy of On a Mission Magazine, contact one of its sponsors and say "thank you for caring and placing an ad in this publication".

It's time to plan the Blog for next issue as well as the print edition. Hoping your organization or business signs on for the year. In the next edition, read all the testimonies from some readers and sponsors, so encouraging. The benefits are there!


Carolyn Hayes, Publisher


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