Looking Beyond the Here and Now

I find myself scrolling through Facebook pages to find unusual posts or blogs. I came across a quote from Jonathan Edwards attached to a short written piece that I wish to share here with the On a Mission Blog. I do not know the author or would have contacted for “permission to reprint”. Since it was available on facebook, I am assuming it is permissible to share from the author.

My mom used to say, “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything!” That’s so true, but in good health and bad, we should desire to know more about eternity as Jonathan Edwards once said: “Lord, stamp eternity on my eyeballs!“

This is a glimpse of how the Lord orchestrates my days. In addition, how I share my writings (and others) of the ways our Lord blesses us in our past, present and future. What follows on this post is what came from Facebook. I thought it was an excellent insight.

“Lord, stamp eternity on my eyeballs.”― Jonathan Edwards

We don't like to think about it when life is going so well. When the bills are paid without struggle. When your health is flourishing like a flower. But, it's something we all must face. For Jonathan Edwards and others who lived in their day and knowing that any moment, their loved ones could be called home without any notice.

Joseph Hall (1574-1656) was one who spoke often of eternity.

"Eternity is that only thing which is worthy to take up the thoughts of a wise man. When added to evil, thoughts of eternity make the evil infinitely more intolerable; and being added to good, they make the good infinitely more desirable. What soul is able to comprehend you? What strength of understanding is able to conceive you? Be ever in my thoughts, ever before mine eyes. Be the scope of all my actions, of all my endeavors; and, in respect of you, let all this visible world be to me as nothing. Further, since only the things which are not seen by the eye of sense are eternal, Lord, sharpen the eyes of my faith, that I may see those things invisible; and may in that sight, enjoy Your blessed eternity."

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