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What’s Your Passion – What’s Your Mission?

May I ask you a question: what's your mission in life? Is it protection of children or animals? Is it to be successful in your profession? Is it a sport that you have a passion about, ie golf, fishing, boating? A mission is not necessarily time in the mission field, ie as missionaries in India, South America, etc. A mission could be a passion, something that will not go away, a driving force for the betterment of this world and beyond.

I am very sure there's not a person out there who doesn't have a mission. Even if he doesn't say it out loud, he has one! Perhaps it's just a mission to go nowhere! I don't know about you, but I want my mission in life to count, trying to make a difference each day I live! Just the other day, I had to laugh at a guy ahead of me in line at Meijer...grabbing his sack he enthusiastically said to the checkout lady, "I'm a man on a mission!" That's all I heard, but I thought it was neat - a guy focused! I wanted to run after him and find out more about his mission. This is exactly part of the reason, we've started a quarterly publication called: "On a Mission...a Journal by the Season"...coupled with a social media presence, like here and other places too! It shall prove interesting, no doubt!

It was my mom who got me started thinking about "missions" in life. She had a mission even with her late age of 93. It continues today as her legacy. I'd like to share it with you.

In 2012, I just purchased my new computer/video phone and wanted to try it out. Since I visited my mom everyday in the nursing home, I thought I'd ask her for an interview. She just had her hair done and looked so cute.

"Mom, is it okay if I interview you?" She looked at me and gave me an okay nod. Here we go! What do you think about tattoos? answer on that one. Either she didn't hear me or refused to answer. She looked to be totally disgusted with the question...she was definitely 'old-school'.

Next question: "Mom, if you could change the world - what would you do?" What would I change in here, she asked. No, the world. "I'd tell people about Jesus." Okay, but you can't work your way to Heaven though, can you? "No, but we can tell people about the Lord!" Wow! She placed something on my heart and conscience that will never go away. I am so happy I interviewed her that day and will always have this video to reflect her love of Jesus. The more I watch that video...the more I want to share the love of Jesus, to tell people about the Lord...just like she said!

Here’s your mission, should you decide to accept it. Will you help continue the legacy set forth by my mom (and others like her) with establishing this printed and digital (online) magazine that will continue indefinitely? Asking for your prayers to go tell others about how to receive a copy or give them our Magazine Blog:

To request your hard copy for an economical charge of only $5.00, write to: On a Mission...a Journal by the Season, Post Office Box 65, Tremont City, OH  45372. 

Signed: Carolyn Hayes, just one of many… 

My Mother was inspiration for my mission.

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