Journal to Hit Newsstands

Soon to be In Retail Stores throughout Ohio!

On a Mission Magazine is ready to hit many newsstands! Look for it on the magazine shelves at some of these stores throughout Ohio: Giant Eagles; Walgreens; CVS Pharmacies; Targets; Meijers; and Kroger stores. Should be available for purchase soon. I've given all this over to the Lord. He is in charge.

Directives come from distribution company and messages of updates, but no magazines on the shelves yet. Message given was "it takes time". So summer is slipping away and this Summer edition will be late arriving in stores due to some snags in the delivery process. Praying for a smoother distribution of the Fall / Christmas issue. 

Planning an earlier design and print finish for the Fall - Christmas 2019 issue. Businesses that wish to be included in this special Christmas edition must submit their ad information by August 15th. Contact Publisher Carolyn Hayes . See our Media Link for pricing.

Available Now: Market at the Ridge (Northridge-Springfield, OH) and Homespun Blessings (Springfield, OH).

Email Carolyn Hayes, Publisher at


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