Restore the Floor


By Susie Rastatter

If God sees value in a used basketball floor, do you think He sees value in a life that has been trampled on, walked over and scuffed up? The answer is absolutely Yes!

At Children’s Rescue Center, a non-profit christian ministry, we witness daily the love of a God who is restoring not only lives but buildings and yes floors. The ministry serves children and families in the inner city and beyond by sharing the love of Jesus through free activities which meet their individual needs with a wholistic approach.

Some of these activities are free after school programs, a clothing and household pantry, The Mission House, a community garden and recreational activities in our gym. Additionally, New Day Christian Church is located on our campus in order to share spreading the gospel of Christ and reaching out to better serve our neighborhood.

When CRC moved to the former Holy Trinity/St. Mary’s campus, located at 1027 W. High Street, Springfield, Ohio in 2006, the gym building was full of clothing which was on the way to New Orleans after the hurricane Katrina had ransacked buildings and lives. The amount of clothing was too much for New Orleans to take in, so the clothing was to be disbursed to the needy in our community.

After the clothing disbursement, we were left with a gym floor covered with cracked and missing tiles. This once beautiful gym which provided recreational activities for kids and families was in a state of deterioration . We could only imagine what the people in New Orleans were up against in their restoration process.

About this time, the city of Springfield had voted to combine our two high schools and build a new high school building on the site of the old Springfield North High School. The old building was scheduled to be demolished. Items from the school were salvaged and sold. “But what about the wood basketball floor, said one of our board members? Surely it has value, maybe we could use it in our gym building”.

The school board met and decided that indeed we could salvage it for a total of $50, but we would have a limited amount of time to get it up and out of the building before the demolition crew arrived shortly after the end of the school year.

Now take a minute here and think about how you would pick up a wood basketball floor and move it across town to a new location and then begin to lay it back down. Personally, I think it is right up there with Noah building an Ark!

In our case “Noah” was Martin Rastatter and his sons were Doug, Patrick and Ted. However in our modern day epic, we had the community’s support. Brian Wellman helped with the detail of cutting the floor into 300 pound rectangular shaped pieces. Volunteers and prisoners from Clark County jail helped move the pieces across town. In one day the North High School basketball floor was salvaged and re-purposed to serve kids and families in the inner city of Springfield, Ohio.

Since 2008, our floor has served hundreds of children and families with a place to enjoy basketball, pickle ball, birthday parties, family thanksgiving dinners, reunions, anniversary celebrations, clothing give always, women’s luncheons, church celebrations, and funeral services. It is a good, safe, and welcoming place. But it has been almost 10 years since the floor has been moved and restored. It is needing a new restoration.

We have been given a quote of $2,000 to clean, paint new lines, and seal the floor. Would you like to be part of this ongoing story of restoration?

Here is what we need……donors who are willing to give $30 towards the restoration cost. Are you a North High graduate who remembers the basketball floor, or have you been blessed to use the floor in the last ten years? Or do you just want to be Jesus Hands and Feet by supplying financial assistance to get this job done? We need YOU!

Please stop by and visit or if you would like to make a donation, you can make checks out to:

Children’s Rescue Center, 1027 West High Street, Springfield, Ohio 45506.

CRC is a tax exempt non-profit which can be applied to your charitable giving.

Thank you in advance and for reading about what God is doing at Children’s Rescue Center


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