P.U.P.S. Spring Raffle & Fundraising Event


Give a Listen to Erika, our voice for On a Mission, about PUPS and their fundraiser coming up in May! (Click onto 'Audio' -above) Erika says 50s/60s event on May 31 is 6pm to 8pm.

First, here is the straight of it. Pets Uniting People Society (P.U.P.S.) is a nonprofit 501c3 pet protection network that is dear to my heart. It was formed over 8 years ago and its byline is: "Education, Awareness and Responsibility in Animal Welfare". Our group offers a Neuter/Spay program for those who need assistance with their pets in getting them fixed and also offers help with TNR and kitten adoption, when funds are available.

With clarity from our CPA, P.U.P.S. and On a Mission Magazine are two separate organizations. It took that a while to soak in, but I think I understand now. However, I promote the two publications together as they both have a clear mission to the public. 

As their publisher, I enjoy offering both these magazines to people who want to keep up with all the happenings in print as well as here online. Order your copy of the PUPS Digest from their website: Pets Uniting People Society

Since the PUPS Digest is not published as frequently as On a Mission Magazine, one will find news about P.U.P.S. included in On a Mission Magazine as well as on the Blog here and the Link On Air.

Take a look at the new book by Jeanette Sprouse at P.U.P.S. site. One may order direct from Amazon by clicking onto the book cover of "Hi! My Name is Lazarus".

Signed: Carolyn, Publisher 


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