The 5 Minute Guide to Emotional Intelligence


The 5-Minute Guide to Emotional Intelligence, Your Journey, Your Journal’ is a book of self-discovery, teaching self-enquiry in a creative, simple and easy to follow way. It is an interactive journal-style workbook rather than one you pick up, read and put down. You get involved. You learn. You get inspired and have fun along the way. 

‘Serving Others’ is a central theme in Christianity and the Christian life is one of service to others. My experience as a counsellor has taught me that serving others helps the wider community through the ripple effect. 

When others are in greater need, it can feel selfish to take time to care for ourselves, however I believe that in order to best serve others we must do exactly this. If we are not at our best, we have less to offer the world. 

"Love your neighbour, as yourself" (Matthew 22:39). 

Amongst many other things, I teach ‘self-care' & love, because when we feel strong and confident, we are best able to offer strength and support to others. 

I wrote this book after over a decade of counselling, writing therapy and running courses throughout the world. The themes that get brought up are common. The blocks, obstacles and fears, universal. The workbook aims to help you rediscover yourself, tap in to parts of yourself long forgotten and get back in touch with what you want for you. It helps you remember to be proactive rather than reactive in life. And it is a journey, just as life is. 

In today’s age, emotional intelligence (E.I. or E.Q.) is proving to have greater importance than ever before. Bosses, partners and friends increasingly value your emotional intelligence and research suggests it is the greatest predictor of happiness and success. Why? Because strengthening your E.Q. allows for greater self-awareness, deeper relationships and greater understanding of yourself and others. The better relationship we have with ourselves, the easier it is for us to love and serve others. Life feels more simple, relationships and friendships easier to form, workplaces and community groups more calm as we all work together harmoniously. Greater E.Q. helps individuals and communities grow strong.

The opening chapters discuss the themes of procrastination and perfectionism, two common issues preventing people from expressing themselves, journaling or even just getting things done in their work or personal lives. My personal favourite is ‘Learning to listen to your body – Gutism.  This section explains what I call ‘The Art of Gutism’ where we learn how to listen to our gut, to ourselves, and just as importantly, how to trust it. In a society driven by the external environment, opinions and judgments, how do we cut out the noise to listen to our own voice?

This book is designed to become your friend, your confidant. The sub-title is ‘Your Journey, Your Journal', because your experience and growth with it will be deeply personal. In that way it is simply a vessel for you, to become the friend and confidant to yourself as you would and will now better be to others. To keep the journaling momentum, there is a 30-day program inside with 30 days of prompts. The plan is to write for 5 minutes each day addressing a new prompt. Each prompt is designed to help you discover a different part of you. The prompts can be fun, creative, intuitive, or memory based. There are prompts to help you understand arguments and prompts to help you discover what you want from relationships. 

As it says on the back cover “This journal is for you. No judgement; there is no right or wrong, no good or bad. There is no particular end destination. The challenge is in the doing. So do. Write. Get to know yourself.”

The 5-Minute Guide to Emotional Intelligence (eBook and hard copy) is available through amazon, kobo and through my website where there is further information and links in the Public Speaking section to many of the topics covered in this book.

My latest book, The Key, coming out soon, teaches emotional intelligence for teenagers. I have just finished re-designing this book in to a high school curriculum and begin teaching it in a 10-week program in Melbourne Australia in April 2017.

Note from Carolyn Hayes: Wish to thank Romi Grossberg for sharing her book with us. For me, this book pulled some lost thoughts from the back of my mind and prompted me to think the thought, write it down, and place it on a page, a journal page! Yes, it is a guide to the inner thoughts I never thought I had the nerve to express! If you write in a journal, highly recommend this book!

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