On a Mission Magazine (Summer) I love publishing magazines, especially relationship magazines! On a Mission Magazine is the second magazine I've publi
Am I cut out for this? Golly, I ask myself this question a lot! I just read this headline the other day. All of us have thing
  Have you attended church lately? Now-a-days not too many people ask this question. I don't know why. But then again, as a Christian for 22
by Brett Humble “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” I do not know the exact origin of this quote attributed to President John F.
By Dr. Michael Firmin ESTABLISHING A COMMITMENT TO CHRISTIAN CHARACTER The term “character” is a construct, meaning that it denotes a quality that we
By Susie Rastatter If God sees value in a used basketball floor, do you think He sees value in a life that has been trampled on, walked over and scuff
by Skip Moen Too many friends – “A trait often present in people with negative self-images is that they try to please everyone. . . . These people-ple
By Brenda Landis, Signature HomeStyles What emotions do you feel when you are in your home? Stress, Discontent, Frustration, or do you feel Peace, Cal
Love to hear great singers! Carroll Roberson is definitely in that category! His mission for the Lord is in his singing and teachings. Here is ju