Hello everyone!Thought I'd check in to let you know how the readership of this Blog and print magazine is going and growing. In the month of February,
    Publisher Note: Our guest columnist is Darlene Franklin. "Resisting Conflict" is good advice whether you live in a nursing hom
Many people are probably wondering why the Springfield News-Sun wrote a story in their "unsung heros" series about my husband on the front page Thanks
Vickie's one of many of our women-on-a-mission and God's given her so many talents. However, the one talent that is closest to her heart is the gift o
People are bombarded with images and marketed to death.  On social media, ads for everything we can imagine and lots of things that we shoul
On a Mission Magazine (Summer)I love publishing magazines, especially relationship magazines! On a Mission Magazine is the second magazine I've publis
Am I cut out for this? Golly, I ask myself this question a lot! I just read this headline the other day. All of us have thing
 Have you attended church lately? Now-a-days not too many people ask this question. I don't know why. But then again, as a Christian for 22
By Brenda Landis, Signature HomeStylesWhat emotions do you feel when you are in your home? Stress, Discontent, Frustration, or do you feel Peace, Calm