Many people are probably wondering why the Springfield News-Sun wrote a story in their "unsung heros" series about my husband on the front page Thanks
  Welcome to the land of facebook! This definitely could be added to our magazine section of "Who Knew?" Isn't it amazing how a young lady could
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Vickie's one of many of our women-on-a-mission and God's given her so many talents. However, the one talent that is closest to her heart is the gift o
People are bombarded with images and marketed to death.   On social media, ads for everything we can imagine and lots of things that we shou
On a Mission Magazine (Summer) I love publishing magazines, especially relationship magazines! On a Mission Magazine is the second magazine I've publi
Am I cut out for this? Golly, I ask myself this question a lot! I just read this headline the other day. All of us have thing
  Have you attended church lately? Now-a-days not too many people ask this question. I don't know why. But then again, as a Christian for 22
by Brett Humble “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” I do not know the exact origin of this quote attributed to President John F.