Fall 2017

Write your mission letter at no more than 700 words (send along a picture) to tell about your mission to find the true hamburger heaven. We want to know! Send to: On a Mission, Box 65 Tremont City OH 45372 by CAROLYN HAYES Have you ever wondered whose heavenly creation was the hamburger on a bun? Think about it! You know that well-educated cartoon character Wimpy, Popeye’s buddy, probably gave it some thought. Remember his famous line when he entered a hamburger diner to any patron who would listen: “I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” And I am sure the younger generation thinks McDonald’s fried up the first burger. However, no one really knows its origin. The hamburger…whose claim to fame is it? According to what is found on the Internet, Hamburg, Germany, has the rightful claim to the hamburger steak; however, it is America that has claims on the burger in a bun! What city in America? The battle rages on. No one can really say for sure, but there are a few cities across America declaring its locale as the original hamburger heaven. One claim is Seymour, Wisconsin, made by Charlie Nagreen and another at a fair in Hamburg, New York, made by the Menches Brothers. Others say New Hartford, Connecticut with the original owner of Louis’ Lunch (established 1895). Whoever and wherever is considered the original location of what’s known to America as the hamburger, my husband, along with the others in ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out) says Mobile Dog in Springfield, OH! So, this brought on the mission to find the true hamburger heaven. Ham bu rger Heaven? Where’s Your 12 | OCT - NOV - DEC 2017 ON A MISSION women-on-a-mission.com