Fall 2017

This is the second part of a two-part mes- sage, the “hard part of the gospel”. It was the need for coming to grips with our personal sin and admitting our inability to make ourselves acceptable to God. This does a job on our ego by calling for humility that our pride naturally resists. Human ego is something we want to protect at all costs. After all, we do have our pride, don’t we? Well, let it go! It isn’t worth protecting in light of the eternal consequences. God will save you FROM your pride but He will not save you IN it! Those who think themselves too bad to be saved and those who regard themselves suf- ficiently good that they need no salvation are both tragically wrong. They too must “get over it” and if they do, they have conquered the hard part of the gospel which confronts and admits their sin along with their inability to do anything about it. It is at this point that the easy part surfaces. It is the remedy God has provided when you have done the hard part. You see, God had a “hard part” also. It was in the giving of His Son as payment for the sins of those willing to admit them. Your “easy part” is to embrace God’s “hard part”. In actuality, God did the very most He could do so that He could require from you the very least you could do. It is too simply, as an act of your will, re- ceive Jesus Christ and place your confidence and trust in Him. Once you have done the hard part which constitutes the problem, embracing the remedy is the easy part that provides the solution resulting in salvation. II Corinthians 5:21 tells us: “For He (God) hath made Him (Christ) who knew no sin to be sin for us that we might be made the righteous- ness of God in Him.” That is the gospel, dear friend. It’s both the hard part and the easy part. It’s all about GRACE, our need of it and God’s provision of it! Have you partaken of it? The Easy Part of the Gospel by PASTOR MARV WISEMAN 16 | OCT - NOV - DEC 2017 ON A MISSION women-on-a-mission.com