Fall 2017

It is so much fun observing and listening to our granddaughter as she learns to use her tongue and her mouth to make the words. The other day I was asking her to repeat a word, and I noticed how carefully she would watch me as I said the word and then she would try to mimic my mouth movements to say the word. And as you know young children often times say the darndest things when they are trying to repeat the word. It is so much fun to teach a young child words! Words are formed on the most powerful weapon you own! Yes, you have it! It is power- ful beyond imagination. Every one of us has a tongue and your tongue can do more harm or more good to a person than anything else you do. Yes, I truly believe that to bridle a tongue is the greatest discipline; however, it is the most difficult task to master. The tongue controls the words that are spoken from your mouth and it is within the words that are spoken that come the power. Take a moment and think about it. When someone says kind words to you do you feel uplifted and empowered? On the other hand, when someone speaks a negative word do you feel belittle or made smaller? Yes, within one word is great power! The unfortunate thing about a word is once it has been spoken it can never be taken back; therefore, we need to choose them carefully. Kevin Hall writes in Aspire, “The power of words generates wealth, health, productivity, discipline, spirituality, and limitless other de- by SUSAN CREWS the POWER of words 36 | OCT - NOV - DEC 2017 ON A MISSION women-on-a-mission.com