Fall 2017

A Note From the Publisher Signs of the Times I love driving my car. Thanks to my hus- band Pat I have a real nice ride, a 2011 Lincoln mkZ. He never drives it though… says it’s a “girlie” car. What? Like me, my son Justin loves it too and cannot under- stand why Pat doesn’t! Oh well, anyway… while I’m driving around the countryside I notice along-the-road banner signs, church signs, and an occasion billboard, many are so memorable. Not too long ago, when I was driving down Villa Road in Springfield, I discovered the banner that’s talked about in Pastor Carl’s article within this issue. That’s why when I see some- thing like an unusual sign or banner…my curiosity gets the best of me; I stop, investigate, and learn more about it. It’s not being nosy; it’s my job! How great is that!? While driving through the village of Yellow Springs today, above Main Street is a huge banner crossing from one side of the street to the other, it read: “Kind Ness”. It was not written as one word, but two. Was this to get attention? Couldn’t understand why it was done that way. Actually, instead of investigating the intent of the sign itself, it gave me reason to evaluate myself. It prompted me to become more aware of what I say and how I say it. It reminded me to say my words with “kindness”. Oftentimes, unintentionally, the words out of my mouth are not very kind. I must pray and work on this everyday to become a better person. Lord knows I try, but my “sin nature” rears its ugly head just when I least expect it. So, now I try to be in the “good” habit to stop and take a deep breath before I respond to someone who does some- thing or says something I don’t quite understand. Here is a Scripture that I like to reflect upon often: “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleas- ing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.” (Psalms 19:14) The good thing is that God knows when I’ll mess up and loves me anyway, just like with all of us. Begin again, fresh. Here’s a church sign I just read the other day: “Start over…this time with Me, Signed: God”. What does God expect of me? How do I stay kind when something happens in my circumstance that is troublesome? Do you wonder this too? In order to “grin with grace” and know what God expects of us, I’d like to invite all women readers to a new Bible Study that’s coming soon to the Springfield and surrounding area. It’s called “Grin with Grace” by Kathy Carlton Willis. Details will soon be posted on the Magazine Blog: www.women-on-a-mission.com . Until next time… Carolyn Publisher, On A Mission Disclaimer: On a Mission Magazine and Women -on-a-mission.com , magazine blog, will not be held responsible for any article or story content provided to us by a freelance or contributing writer. All articles, stories, and photos are freely given contributions. No portion of this magazine may be reprinted without written permission from the publisher. To receive this magazine by subscription, only by issue-by-issue, send $5.00 per issue for Postage/Handling to: On a Mission Magazine PO Box 65 Tremont City, OH 45372 www.women-on-a-mission.com Advertising Call: Carolyn Hayes 937-244-4604 Printing by: PrintAndWebDesigner.com Publisher Carolyn Hayes Designers Myra Ray Aisha McKenzie Authors Ruth Book Dorothy Case Susan Crews Carolyn Hayes Barry Horn Brett Humble Benita Jenkins Amy Medina Brian Miller Dottie Mounts Vickie Pressler Rhonda Rhea Carl Ruby Ski Schanher Jill Swanson Marv Wiseman Our Blog Authors women-on-a-mission.com Authors Liz Ball Romi Grossberg Skip Moen Dr. Michael Firmin Brett Humble Susie Rastatter Carroll Roberson 4 | OCT - NOV - DEC 2017 ON A MISSION women-on-a-mission.com