Fall 2017

what they really are. She has retouched photos for me countless times. I am so appreciative of her work. She helps me in my role as director of a nonprofit pet protection organization, Pets Uniting People Society (P.U.P.S.). In addition, she is one of its advisory board members. An example of her skill, I sent her a picture of an ordinary kitten, a little wallflower, an ornery little bugger, and with her creative touch made him a standout! This may sound silly, but I think this little kitten knew he looked good and him seeing his painting made his personality change! Now he’s got a new wonderful home. He’s a little fella who loves to be loved! It was like a fairytale! I kid you not! Hahaha! Well, maybe I exaggerate, but her Do you have a friend who is good at everything she does? I do. Her name is Ann and I met her across the miles via facebook. She is also a friend of my niece Annette. In a way, Annette and Ann are remarkably alike. Both like the finer things in life and enjoy making things look pretty. They were neighbors when Annette lived in Florida. The last cover of this magazine was the combined work of Ann and Annette. Annette was the cover model and Ann did the photo shoot, in just one take! Now how is that for talent?! In my opinion, for someone to take a picture and have it right in one shot is either lucky or talented. I’d say the latter. Ann is the type of person who loves to tinker around with photos and make them better than by CAROLYN HAYES THE MILES Friend Across 8 | OCT - NOV - DEC 2017 ON A MISSION women-on-a-mission.com