On a Mission Fall 2018

Cynthianna, Kentucky. The very name of the town puts a smile on my face, and a Bed and Breakfast named Ashford Acres brings visions of an antebellum mansion, complete with Gre- cian columns and wide verandas to mind. A place with next-door neighbor friendliness, plen- ty of good food, and ties to two great Kentucky traditions, horses and bourbon. To my delight, Ashford Acres Inn offers all of that, along with so much more: modern comforts, remodeled elegance, with food and fun to every- one’s taste with plenty of old-fashioned charm. On the way into town, park your vehicle at a spot near the South Fork of the Licking River. Listen to the wind whistling through ancient trees and the splash of the river. Imagine the thunderous sounds of buffalo that used to roam the land. Watch for the Lexington Railroad that opened the town to easy reach within Kentucky’s Golden Triangle—Cincinnati (OH), Lexington and Louisville. Breathe in the aromas of a suc- cessful farming community, of burley tobacco and corn-mash bourbon aged in oaken barrels. Drive through the town founded a year after Kentucky joined the Union. Picture famous Americans who called Cynthianna home, such as: composer of many rousing marches, John P. Sousa; politician Henry Clay; and orator and politician William Jennings Bryant, among their brightest lights. Take a turn on Highway 36 East, and an antebellum mansion comes into view: Painted white, with Corinthian columns, stately trees and a spacious veranda. You’ve arrived at Ash- ford Acres Inn, built in 1858, renovated by new owner Sonia Kirkman over the past three years. Back in 2015, Ms. Kirkman went into business with her sister, Annastasia Hicks, who manages the Inn. They added bathrooms where needed and redecorated the suites, naming them after the native Kentucky trees dotting the proper- ty. According to Ms. Kirkman, they hope their guests “feel like they are walking into a friend’s home where they can grab a snack or refresh- ment whenever they want to … wrap up in a comfortable robe and relax in the sitting room, on the veranda, or in front of the fire.” All five guest suites come equipped with mod- ern conveniences such as internet access and flat-screen televisions and are serviced with some welcoming treats and a wonderful Southern breakfast each day of the stay. But the rooms are decorated as differently as the trees they are ASHFORD ACRES INN by DARLENE FRANKLIN A Place Apart 12 | FALL 2018 ON A MISSION womenonamission.net