On a Mission Fall 2018

Bags on a Mission by ERICA GOUGH “The unemployment rate among military spous- es is 42% despite the fact that 85% want or need to work.” Unfortunately, statistics like this are all too common among military spouses. Moving an average of every 2.9 years can take a toll on upward mobility within a career or even oppor- tunities to get a career started. That’s where and why R. Riveter was founded. After successfully securing a deal on the ABC show “Shark Tank” in 2016, the two women who founded R. Riveter had a company of beautifully crafted, handmade, handbags that were taking off! R. Riveter provides mobile, flexible income for military spouses across the country. They sew, cut, and stitch together each individual piece of the bags, then ship to the warehouse located outside of Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, where the bags are assembled and readied for shipment. This company, founded and run by two inspiring Army Wives has grown and given hope to fami- lies in some of the toughest situations. Currently, I serve and work as a Brand Ambas- sador for R. Riveter, sharing and spreading the mission of employing military spouses through American made handbags. The company wasn’t founded around handbags, it was founded around a product that would give spouses the oppor- tunity for employment, providing personal and professional growth. I love our classic bag styles, but what I love even more is sharing a bond with the women a part of R. Riveter and this mis- sion. Some of my dearest friends have come from this company. And although we live miles apart (even across the ocean), we have experienced the growth and connection this mission has built. For me, having a career is much more than a R. RIVETER Charlie and Erica 22 | FALL 2018 ON A MISSION womenonamission.net