On a Mission Fall 2018

Ringing inging of bells can be both a good and bad omen for people. The good can be hearing church bells as they ring in special holidays and events. The sounds of the ringing bells fill the air and people rejoice in meaningful celebration. The bad is a ringing that signifies the defeat or the surrender of an attempted achievement in life. The ringing of the bell in the Navy Seals program signifies a person is admitting defeat or resigning from the program. In either scenario the bells play a significant and poignant peal in the ears of the hearers. The use of the acrostic “BELLS” can become something that is meaningful and insightful in our relationships with people. The acrostic can be used in any number of ways but if we apply the simple letters to our lives they can enrich and cultivate friendships we have or come to enjoy. B – Bless – To bless means to confer or invoke divine favor upon; ask God to look favorably on. As we think of the term how can we speak well of, to praise someone for who they are or an act they have done? Taking a moment to notice an act and speak affirming words can encourage someone in need. If we speak a word of affirma- tion and encouragement to people throughout the week then blessing would occur. E – Entertain – How simple is the task of entertainment? For most of us we feel it is diffi- cult to accomplish. We have to clean the house and figure out a three-course meal with a des- sert and something fancy to conclude the eve- ning with a spectacular finale. The truth is most people are happy with us being ourselves rather than attempting the complicated! So why not begin with a cup of coffee and pastry and just be ourselves? Start small and enjoy the people that are in your life. R 30 | FALL 2018 ON A MISSION womenonamission.net