On a Mission Fall 2018

A Note Have you read the writings of Charles Dickens? I cannot remem- ber that I have. And, no…I don’t want to! When in school, I depend- ed upon “CliffsNotes” for all my required reading. Never did well in Literature. Now magazines are a different story! I’ve loved reading magazines all my adult life, short stories too. It’s my kind of read- ing! Some people say that the Dickens historical novel of two cities, London and Paris, in the setting of the French Revolution, A Tale of Two Cities , is his best. What I like is its opening line that is so famous. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Just like with this popular novel…so is life, no matter where one lives, the best and the worst of times. How I’ve enjoyed living in one city and loving both, Springfield and Urbana…granted, there are no dramatic backdrops like in London and Paris, and no great distance between the two. I’ve lived most of my life seasons in Springfield while making fre- quent jaunts to Urbana. I love Urbana’s Monument Square with its grand nostalgic appeal! I remember seeing someone not long ago wearing a tee shirt that pictured the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben , and Monument Square with the city name in script under each landmark! Thought it was so adorable! Urbana’s Monument Square is the location of the Café Par- adiso , a place where I like to unwind with a nice lunch and my one and only glass of Merlot. The music there I can usually hear, not too loud…just mellow and nice. I spread my love around to other restaurants too. If I hunger for a hamburger, I stop over to Crabill’s or maybe craving sausage and gravy from Farmer’s Daughter or a golden omelet at the Airport Café . Not too long ago, I had the best fried bologna sandwich at the Copper Top ! And, one morning I met my niece Annette at The Depot Disclaimer: On a Mission Magazine and Women -on-a-mission.com , magazine blog, will not be held responsible for any article or story content provided to us by a freelance or contributing writer. All articles, stories, and photos are freely given contributions. No portion of this magazine may be reprinted without written permission from the publisher. To receive this magazine by subscription, only by issue-by-issue, send $5.00 per issue for Postage/Handling to: On a Mission Magazine PO Box 65 Tremont City, OH 45372 info@womenonamission.net www.womenonamission.net Advertising Call: Carolyn Hayes 937-244-4604 Designed by: PrintAndWebDesigner.com Publisher Carolyn Hayes Editor Martin Rastatter Carolyn Jones Designer Myra Ray Authors Mark Hall Ski Schanher Marv Wiseman Dottie Mounts Vickie Pressler Kim Williams Darlene Franklin Carolyn Jones Erica Gough Brian Miller Bob Dudley Our Blog Authors www.womenonamission.net Authors Liz Ball Romi Grossberg Skip Moen Dr. Michael Firmin Brett Humble Susie Rastatter Carroll Roberson From the Publisher My Tale of Two Cities 4 | FALL 2018 ON A MISSION womenonamission.net