On a Mission Spring 2018

The previous issue (Jan-Mar) dealt with posi- tional truth and was titled “A Clean Slate”. It was presented as the ultimate position all be- lievers in Christ enjoy. Or, at least, should enjoy. This is because Christ has provided it for us and it leaves us lacking absolutely nothing by way of the fullness and freedom of forgiveness. Position- ally, our slate is clean before Him according to Colossians 1:14 and others. It doesn’t get any bet- ter than that! Such is our official and permanent position which cannot be improved upon. But today, we speak not of our position but of our practice or performance. This is an entirely different matter. And, while it still depends upon what Christ has done for us, it also depends upon what we do with that provision. This dynamic that couples our input to His input is one more example of God’s gracious stooping to partner with His creatures. It also provides the basis for our rewards or lack thereof at the throne of Christ before which all believers will appear. Romans 14, I Cor.3 and II Cor. 5. And, for the present it is a question of whether or not we are well-pleasing to the Lord .And, by the way, our being well-pleasing to Him also impacts our own quality and enjoyment of life as well. It has never occurred to many true believers that the quality of life they may consider miserable (and it may well be) is usually connected to not being well-pleasing to Him. We can live our daily lives through the energy of the flesh or through the power of the Spirit of God that indwells all believers.The power is God’s but the will to utilize that power is ours. While God does not force us to live a godly life- style, He has provided us with all the potential to do so by His Spirit. Whether or not we do has no effect on our salvation because that resides in the strong hand of God. But, you may be sure it powerfully impacts the quality and enjoyment of our daily life as well as future rewards or the lack thereof. Walking in the Spirit as Galatians 5 tells us is that which prevents our fulfilling the desires of the flesh. Walking or living our lives through the flesh (many believers do) comes natural to us all and that is the problem.What by PASTOR MARV WISEMAN Performance Follows Position: God’s Part and Ours 12 | SPRING 2018 ON A MISSION women-on-a-mission.com