On a Mission Spring 2018

“Who’s gonna fill his shoes?” I remember there was a country song about country artists who had gone on to heaven or retired. George Jones sang the song that asked, “Who’s gonna fill their shoes? Lord I wonder…who’s gonna fill their shoes?” Today I ask, who’s gonna fill Billy Graham’s shoes…his son Franklin, his grandson Will? Lord I wonder who’s gonna fill his shoes? The Lord knows and we all know, there will never be another Billy. He was like no other. Even in our own lives, it’s the same. Who’s gonna fill our shoes? What is our legacy? Who will lead after we are dead and gone? Oh, yes, we have eternal life, but what happens in this life, the “now-on-earth” until Jesus returns? Have you thought about it? God created me (and you) like no other, no one else has our fingerprint, no one else has the mes- sage the Lord has given me (or you). Ultimately, it’s the same salvation message to be given to others, but it’s a message that has my (your) fingerprint on it. It’s a message with my (your) compassion and my (your) delivery. Who’s gonna carry it on? Billy, no doubt, touched millions of lives and I am one of them. I remember that hot day in July over 54 years ago, when my Aunt Martha and her husband Otis loaded up 15 family members and a friend into their old school bus (converted to a camper) and embarked on a journey that would change our lives forever after hearing Billy Graham’s message that day in Columbus, OH. Since I was only 13-years-old, I don’t remember all the details of the day. However, I began following Jesus that day even though I didn’t realize it. I wanted to hear more about Jesus in the days ahead and never missed a message by Billy when he was on tele- vision. All those messages finally brought me to Christ on May 30, 1995. That’s my spiritual birthday I marked in my Bible, but I didn’t be- come a “follower” of Christ until many days after that. I am still a progressive Christian today. Until Christ returns or when I arrive in heaven, I am still a “work-in-progress”. I am eternally-grateful to Billy Graham for introducing my thought process to the Lord that day even though the saving “knowledge” didn’t come until many years later. Yes, there will be a void in our world without Billy. His shoes may never be filled, but God gave him a purpose to be the messenger of the eternal message that was delivered to millions. It’s certain when Billy entered the gates of Heaven that God said, “well done my good and faithful servant!” by CAROLYN HAYES Who’s Gonna Fill His Shoes? 20 | SPRING 2018 ON A MISSION women-on-a-mission.com