On a Mission Spring 2018

What I am about to share is so weird I just have to tell someone. I have gone to the Juvenile Jail once a week for 20 plus years to try and help the young men and women who want their lives to change. In those 20 plus years, I’ve never had one young person say that he or she were happy with the way things were going. This opens the door for me to tell them that they have to start believing that Jesus died on the cross for us and when He rose from the dead, He defeated death and our sin. Jesus said, if we believe this, our place in Heaven is promised and He sends God, the Holy Spirit, to live in us and help us defeat Satan’s plan for our life. Most say they believe this and want to make changes in their lives. Wow! by PAT HAYES What An Awesome God We Serve! 22 | SPRING 2018 ON A MISSION women-on-a-mission.com