On a Mission Spring 2018

When you think of a library, probably your first thought is of all the books that a library has. Vol- umes upon volumes on many topics, all waiting to be picked up and enjoyed by you the reader. One thing that goes hand-in-hand with many of the books in a library’s collection is imagina- tion! Not only the imagination of the author, who came up with the story, but the imagination of the reader in putting a mind’s eye to the worlds and characters that live on the pages of a book. Keeping that thought of imagination in mind, the Clark County Public Library board wanted a permanent reminder of how imagination and reading go hand-in-hand. With a portion of the monies from the donation and sale of the Warder Art, the library board commissioned local artist and sculptor Mike Ma- jor, to come up with an idea for a permanent art piece for the Main Library. They wanted a design that would appeal to children but also speak to this idea of imagination. The end result is the wonderful and inspired sculpture that now has a forever home in the Main Library entranceway. The friendly leopard and children are enjoying a book together, while a jaunty koala looks on. We invite visitors to the library to do the same by taking a seat next to the group or better yet – taking a picture with them! In the coming months watch for information about programs and events centered around our new sculpture. Meanwhile, we hope that any photos that you take with our group you post to the library’s Facebook page. We’d love to see and share them! We hope this new addition to the library family serves as a fun reminder of the power of imagina- tion that lives in your library. by ALLISON PECK Public Relations Manager, Clark County Public Library “There is no life I know To compare with pure imagination Living there, you’ll be free If you truly wish to be” ~Gene Wilder from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory I m a g i n a t i o n P u r e