On a Mission Spring 2018

A Note Shout the Victory! Yes! With a shout of exclamation! That’s how I feel about the new radio broadcast On a Mission Radio that started March 21st, and will air every Wednesday thereafter from 1:30 until 2:00pm, am1110 / fm104.3 WGNZ or live stream: www.wgnz.com. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. But when I stopped to think, the one shout of exclamation that needs to be announced by radio, inter- net and digital print is about the day Jesus returns! What a day that will be! “When we all get to Heaven…what a day of rejoicing that will be! When we all see Jesus, we’ll sing and shout the victory!” That’s the song sung at Elizabeth “Liz” Green’s funeral. She was the mother of Son-in-law Karl. Everyone was singing and clapping…it was great! I was really impressed with the lady pastor who everyone at her church calls Bishop Roseann Pratt. She and Liz were good friends. Years ago, Liz wrote a poem about soap operas. It was and still is a directive to all her children. It’s featured in this edition. I really like it. I’m sure you’ll like it too! That’s why I like publishing this magazine. I can bring things into print that has fallen away from our society. Those things that are im- portant like family values and Christ-centered living, just like what Billy Graham preached (see our memorial about him in this issue). Often my husband and I talk about the publishing of this magazine. I don’t know if he tries to encourage or discourage me. Regarding the online magazine, he said, “How many hits does the magazine get?” With my answer ready, he added, “100,000?” I thought…my goodness is he kidding? No, he was not! Really do I think 100,000 hits are possi- ble? Would that be total hits for a day, week, month, or a year!? What is considered enough? I know the Lord says in His word, “all things are possible through Christ Jesus…” (Philippians 4:13) You know what? I’m turning it all over to God! If On a Mission Magazine and On a Mission Radio are to be tools in sharing the Good News, then, I’m sure the hits will happen. With or without a certain number of hits, the proper message will ring loud and clear to whoever reads (magazine) or hears (radio)…the Lord will make sure of that! Until next time… Blessings, Carolyn Publisher, On A Mission Disclaimer: On a Mission Magazine and Women -on-a-mission.com , magazine blog, will not be held responsible for any article or story content provided to us by a freelance or contributing writer. All articles, stories, and photos are freely given contributions. No portion of this magazine may be reprinted without written permission from the publisher. To receive this magazine by subscription, only by issue-by-issue, send $5.00 per issue for Postage/Handling to: On a Mission Magazine PO Box 65 Tremont City, OH 45372 info@womenonamission.net www.womenonamission.net Advertising Call: Carolyn Hayes 937-244-4604 Designed by: PrintAndWebDesigner.com Publisher Carolyn Hayes Editor Martin Rastatter Designers Myra Ray Aisha McKenzie Authors Patrick Hayes Ski Schanher Marv Wiseman Dottie Mounts Skip Moen, Addalyn Love Carolyn Jones Vicki Pressler Roanne FitzGibbon Tom Windon Debra Dickerhoof Our Blog Authors www.womenonamission.net Julius Ceasar Picture: Source: https://www.biogra phy.com/people/julius-caesar-9192504 Authors Liz Ball Romi Grossberg Skip Moen Dr. Michael Firmin Brett Humble Susie Rastatter Carroll Roberson From the Publisher 4 | SPRING 2018 ON A MISSION women-on-a-mission.com