On a Mission Spring 2018

by DOTTIE MOUNTS by DOTTIE MOUNTS Meanwhile, Down On The Farm plan for their lives. That plan not only included their large family, but a music ministry in which the entire family participates. It all started with a CD of scripture songs in which the children not only were learning scripture but since the scriptures were put to music, they began learn- ing to sing together. That led to learning to play musical instruments and the rest is history. They serve the Lord in song to inspire and reach others with the “Good News” of Christ’s love. George and Laura are passionate about train- ing up children in the way they should go, lov- ingly with discipline, working together as a team and teaching them the love and obedience of the scriptures and of course the love of music. They have a web site that I would encourage you to visit. Find more about the Craig’s ministry at www. heritagehillmu- sic.com Her Father was a surgeon and his father, a pastor. They met in Florida while they were students at Pensacola Christian College. They married in 1994 and here they are in the rural community of South Solon, Ohio 23 years and 11 children later. (Nine biological children and 2 adopted children). I introduce to you George and Laura Craig, Christian parents raising their family on a small 44 acre farm where you will find a pond with quacking ducks, clucking chick- ens both meat and laying chickens, a contented cow for milk, and cattle and hogs for meat. In the summer there are vegetables in the garden and happy children learning the “art” of hard work that has been so forgot- ten in this day and age of pack- aged meats, milk in cartons and vegetables in a can. These are home schooled children whose mother’s major in college was nursing and music, and their father’s major, engineering. And God had a SPRING 2018 | 5 ON A MISSION women-on-a-mission.com