On a Mission Spring 2018

Note from the Publisher: Shout the Victory 4
Meanwhile, Down On The Farm 5
What People Are Saying About On a Mission Magazine... 6
Traditions Continue at Local Café 8
Thoughts on Patriotism: Memorial Day 10
Performance Follows Position: God's Part and Ours 12
Motherly Advice Through Life’s Journey 14
Hidden Picture 16
Seasonal: Seasonal Recipe - Mediterranean Meatballs 18
Who’s Gonna Fill His Shoes? 20
Wow! What An Awesome God We Serve! 22
The Ides Have It 24
Sin, Rinse & Repeat 26
Health Benefits of Gardening 28
Our Inheritance 30
Pure Imagination 33
From Our Pets to Our World 34
God Never Fails 36
A Poem to Her Children 37
Touch the Wind 38