Summer 2017

Are Hearing Impaired People in Their Behaviors and Attitudes? Are hearing impaired people odd in their behaviors and attitudes? Now, I cannot speak for every hearing impaired person out there, but I can speak about what I have personally experienced. Although many people think I am outgoing, I am really shy due to my hearing loss. Even though I let people know I cannot hear well, if they see I wear a hearing aid, au- tomatically, they think I hear everything said perfectly well. However, that’s not always true. by CAROLYN HAYES Od My hearing loss is so severe that an aid doesn’t bring back what is already lost. Hearing loss for me is mostly hereditary. My dad’s hearing was even worse than mine. In the middle of a conversation with someone, he’d leave and walk away not saying a word. People thought he was rude. But, he wasn’t rude; at all…he was lost, lost in the conversa- tion and wanted out!! Definitely, I can relate. I am thankful for my audiologist Linda Do- 12 | Summer 2017 ON A MISSION