Summer 2017

Growing up in rural Alabama was not what many would consider an exciting childhood. I remember, as if it were yesterday, my city cousin coming to visit for a few hours one day. We were shooting hoops in the yard, and he kept asking, “What do you DO around here?” Until that time, it had never occurred to me that I was supposed to DO anything. This was simple country living. You just naturally found things to do without pondering it a great deal. There was plenty to do. Living on a rural farm, there was gardening, plowing, planting, tending livestock, climbing trees, creek wading, fishing, and enjoying the many comforts and adventures that country living brings. It was hard for me to conceive how my city cousin could wonder what there might be to do. Country Living, Rural Farm Life City Cousin Sees No Metropolis, Asks “What Do You Do Around Here?” Most of the people with whom I was associated were from the country, and there weren’t a lot of them. There were only four or five people my age in our tiny community. I saw more kids at school, but usually not socially. We didn’t have a car when I was young, so traveling was very limited. Reflecting back, most everything we did in the way of entertainment was self produced. Before we got our first television, we would walk a quarter mile up the road to watch the Lone Ranger with an elderly neighbor couple. This happened, at most, once a week. They never made me feel that it was an imposition for us to be there, and I never felt embarrassed that we had no television of our own. When we did eventually get a television, the by WILSON LANKFORD BROWN 16 | Summer 2017 ON A MISSION