Summer 2017

A journey…a journey we certainly didn’t ask for or expect…but a journey put upon us nonetheless. Marty and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary on December 13, 2014. On De- cember 14th, my husband took me for a colo- noscopy…my first ever. I had started having some bleeding in the summer which got pro- gressively worse. The doctor came in after it was over, looked at us and said, “There is no easy way to put this: you have cancer of the rectum” and showed us the pictures. Marty and I looked at each other, cried, and at that point, God gave us the following, “God has a reason and a purpose. May we be examples of His Love and His Grace.” This statement… this mission…has strengthened both of us through the last year and a half of this cancer journey. We began being very open with anyone who wanted to know more. I started posting up- dates on Facebook. We were used to helping others, but we were also being taught how to let others help us. For people who were used to being on the giving side of life, this was very humbling, but also overwhelming and amazing! I was sent to the Springfield Regional Can- cer Center where I got the most loving, com- passionate care. I received six weeks of daily radiation and chemotherapy. Dr. Singh and Dr. Victor were wonderful, as were the nurs- es, staff and volunteers. On June 7th, 2016, Dr. Nedelman removed the cancerous tumor, along with five inches of rectum and five inches of colon, then reattached everything. After recovery, I had six more months of che- motherapy which left me with intense neu- ropathy in my fingers, hands, feet and ankles which continues to this day. But…I can still dance because I choose to, and God gives me the daily strength. The cancer had traveled -You can contact me at: -If you would like to follow my journey, you can friend request me on Face- book at: RuthStoneBook and mention “Journey”. by RUTH BOOK A Reason and a Purpose 36 | Summer 2017 ON A MISSION