Summer 2017

Some people start life on a journey. I believe that there are those who start out on a mission from the delivery room! From the day they are born, these people have that drive that says there are accomplishments to be made, lives to touch, and visions to become reality, dreams to come true. They travel down paths unknown with a drive that, without a doubt, has been inspired by faith and trust in the creator of this magnificent universe. Then at the crossroads on this path, they come upon a precious soul who invites them to walk along on their path. Chance? I think not. For that is what hap- pened as the publisher of this magazine, On a Mission experienced as she was joined by the men and women who shared her desire to see a publication that would bring hope to the hope- less, inspiration, and encouragement in a time of discouragement such as is in this day which we now live. For me, before meeting on the path with the publisher and editor of this magazine, I felt I had been following an endless detour. Over the past years, life had certainly changed for me, but my desire to leave some kind of legacy and tell the good news of love and life in Jesus has been my mission since my new birth in Him. And there it was on facebook of all plac- es, a post asking if there were those who liked to write true, inspiring stories. I had stories, true stories which I loved to tell so I respond- ed. I met with Carolyn Hayes and there was absolutely a connection that only comes from a higher source. We meet often, to exchange experiences, thoughts, ideas and prayer. His majesty held out His scepter and welcomes us to His throne as we use the creativity entrust- ed to us to glorify Christ Jesus in this new pub- lication, On a Mission . Here’s your invitation to journey with us. What happens on Sundays after folks meet for worship at Westside Christian Community Church? Everyone who attends give a Thumbs up! Westside Christian Community (Brethren in Christ Church) 1335 Maiden Lane (Corner of Maiden Ln & Bechtle Ave) Springfield Ohio Coffee fellowship 9:30 AM Worship 10:15 AM Everyone! Our Journey Our Mission by DOTTIE MOUNTS Summer 2017 | 5 ON A MISSION