Winter 2018

by ROANNE H. FITZGIBBON Native Ohioan, Author, Composer Great ideas come from thinkers and innovators, so they say. Dedication and drive are always the keys to success that in turn often provide lasting lega- cies. Sometimes that one lightbulb moment is the very one that impacts others beyond the individ- ual, even family, friends, the community and the world! Take for example, Phineas Price Mast. Born in 1825 and growing up in Lancaster County, PA during the heart of the Industrial Revolution, his ambition to make a living became his drive to success. He quickly learned the trade of Agricul- ture and Business, as he set out to new horizons. Heading westward, he established businesses such as Buckeye Cider Mill, Buckeye Grain Drill and Buckeye Cultivation in Urbana, Ohio. He fared well in his ventures, but needed an “ad man” to help promote his businesses. He was right on target and it led to even better ventures! Society’s recovery from the American Civil War of the 1860s, led many towards new opportunities. The ambitious Mast was on track as he met John S. Crowell, a successful maga- zine publisher from Louisville, Kentucky. The like-minded publishers struck up a fond friend- ship which proved to be compatible in philosophy and work ethics. They merged their ideas and started working together in 1877. Their brain- child of a family centered magazine, “Farm and Fireside”, was magical, reaching an estimated Great Ideas are our legacy 10 | WINTER 2018 ON A MISSION