Winter 2018

WINTER 2018 | 17 ON A MISSION by PASTOR MARV WISEMAN Bear in mind also that the reality of those items are all determined by God, His forgiveness and faithfulness…not yours and not mine. That is what makes them so definite and available for our enjoyment, peace and comfort. These are facts of our position in Christ. They are true of every single, solitary believer whether one be- lieves it or not. Yet, it is only in believing them that one can enjoy that exhilaration of which we spoke. While many of the quotes pertain directly to the Israelites in context, we in this dispensa- tion of the grace of God enjoy all those and so much more. After all, He that spared not His own Son but gave Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him freely give us all things? This is the kind of clean slate with which we shall all be starting a new year. Well, so much for our official position in Christ. The next issue deals with our “practice”. It is not nearly so tidy but still filled with grace upon grace! A Clean Slate Is there anything quite as exhilarating as knowing all is well and as it should be between yourself and another, particularly if “another” is God Himself? I think not! But, is it? For many, in reality it actually is true that all is well between them and their Creator but they do not realized it. They cannot enjoy that exhilaration of which we spoke. And that is a shame because it in- volves what Christ said by His coming so that we might have life and has it more abundantly. The Biblical basis for that exhilaration is called “posi- tional truth”. It has to do with the official, legal, forensic status we enjoy as believers. Our posi- tion in Christ is one of perfection, not because of us but because of Him. What are just a few of these exhilarating pro- ducing realities every believer should be enjoy- ing? Try these for starters: Psalm 103:12 tells us our sins are removed as far as the East is from the West. How far is that? We can measure between North and South by plotting the poles at each. But there is no way of measuring the distance from East to West. I think that is the point. The distance is measureless. So far He has removed our sins from us. Enjoy that! Jer- emiah tells us that our sins are sought for but not found in 50:20. Enjoy that! Colossians 2:13 reminds us we are forgiven all trespasses in Christ. Enjoy that! In 1 John 1:7 we are referred to as cleansed. Enjoy that! Isaiah declares us to be written in the palms of His hand. Enjoy that too! The prophet Micah tells us God has buried our sins in the depths of the deepest sea. We might also assume the Almighty has hung out a sign that says “No Fishing”! If you can’t enjoy these truths it may be because they simply are not true of you. But they are true of all who are “in Christ”. Are you?