Winter 2018

Focus on Your Successes by CAROLYN JONES January is the month of beginnings. Many of us start something with every good intention, but sadly, some of the goals, diets, and changes we set ourselves up for, don’t exactly take place. Who wants to commit to the phrase “New Year’s Resolution?” Certainly not me. As the new year surfaces, many people diet or set goals, such as reading the Bible or working out. I try to avoid those new year resolutions, be- cause somehow, by the time March arrives, I dis- cover I haven’t kept my newfound goal very well, and then unwanted company arrives: guilt and shame. The best way to kick them to the curb is to make an action plan before they stay too long. We have all been there, beating ourselves up over something we did not finish. Don’t let those negative feelings linger. Have a God talk and get those critters on their way out! Remember, some of the most successful companies, ideas, and inventions all began with failed attempts. Don’t give up! I remember years ago I wrote an article about dust mites. I have allergies, and so this article was a humorous view of these pesky, microscopic “friends” that live in our pillows, mattresses, car- pets, and clothes! Guilt and shame sort of do that too. We can’t really see them in our psyche, but they are there, hidden in our self thoughts, hid- den in our arguments, and secretly tucked inside our minds when we conquer something import- ant and we need our esteem to move us forward. The voice of doubt creeps in, and we are feeling not only hesitance, but all out resistance. Isn’t life like that? Sometimes we over explain why we have made a particular decision in our lives to justify the doubts we have. Although it may help, not everyone can know the circum- stances or the entire list of facts supporting our decisions. There aren’t enough hours in the day to build the case, and so many of us try to explain ourselves and hope for the best. Often times, we rationalize ourselves right back out of our new year goals, denying we ever had them to begin with. Either way, we need to have a day of reck- oning and face our failures. Guilt is only good when it causes you to release 18 | WINTER 2018 ON A MISSION