Winter 2018

There’s never been much purchasing power with a penny other than a piece of candy, some thoughts, maybe pinch a few or many times that one-cent coin prevents the bust-up of dollar bill avoiding the fill-up of more change in the purse. The penny was the first coin to lavish a portrait. It was the 100th celebration of Lincoln’s birth and reason enough for Lin- coln to appear on the coin. Commissioned by Pres- ident Theodore Roos- evelt, Sculptor Victor David Brenner’s Lincoln adaptation was used for the one cent coin. Not only was the likeness of Pres- ident Lincoln instilled onto the penny, but also the inscription: “Liberty” and the motto, “In God We Trust”. Congress passed the Act of March 3, 1865, authorizing the use of this motto on our coins during Lincoln’s tenure in office. We all know that this motto is still inscribed on our coins today and the hope, by many, that it stays there! The one-cent coin endured two World Wars and over the years has had a make-over or two due to the need of metals during wartime. Before the war, the make-up of the coin was 95 percent copper and 5 per- cent zinc. Materi- al substitut- ed was by CAROLYN HAYES Of What Value is a PENNY? 20 | WINTER 2018 ON A MISSION