Winter 2018

The other day or year or rather, I was writing 2017. I had one of those “can this be right moments”? Now, the calendar has flipped again and here we are in the New Year of 2018. We are firmly seated in the winter months especially if you live in the Midwest. By now, we’ve tossed our resolutions aside because in actuality they aren’t easily kept. Ac- cording to my internet search, 40% of Americans make a resolution and only 8% achieve them. In- stead of setting ourselves up for disappointment, let us focus on the goals we think we can achieve. For me, my goal is being more organized around the home. The undesirable weather outside is enough to keep me indoors. I’ve decided these months are a good time to organize, purge and declutter. I’ve created my “my top 10 list”. This is a list of everyday places around the home that we all might use some help in efficiency. While purging be mindful of where tossed items will end up. God calls us to be “good stewards”. God entrusted me with so much and it is my (our) responsibility to do something good with it. While sorting and organizing think of those in need. Homeless shel- ters could use linens and blankets. Pet rescues are another that can be in need of old blankets and bedding. Toys and household items, look for a women’s shelter. Even all those toiletry items we collect can be used for others. Books and magazines are welcomed at nursing homes. These are just a few ideas for unwanted items in your home. We can use our resources and find many places that will take our purged items and at the same time, help others. Seasonal Home Organizing by the Season by VICKIE PRESSLER Top 10 List 1. Pictures 2. Recipes 3. Closets (clothes, linens etc.) 4. Books and Magazines 5. Kitchen (containers, gadgets, glasses, cook- ware, etc) 6. House decor and or Seasonal items 7. Toys 8. Tools 9. Cleaning items 10. Calendar (write all upcoming dates and special events for the year) WINTER 2018 | 25 ON A MISSION