Winter 2018

28 | WINTER 2018 ON A MISSION Weather report – check; preflight – check; cleared for take-off! It’s been ground school, countless hours on the flight simulator, and air-coaching…Ah, now, it’s the great solo flight of a student pilot! There’s no greater feeling! But, to celebrate don’t wear a really cool de- signer shirt because tradition has it that after the solo flight…your flight instructor will take a pair of scissors to the student pilot’s shirt and cut off the shirttail. This memorable piece of cloth will no doubt be autographed or be an artistic canvas of the event making it a definite keepsake from the occasion. After many flight hours and instruction, one can be initiated into an exclusive club of pilots from all over the country, even from around the world. Maybe some people may consider pilot training boring, but most pilots never have a dull moment in the air experiencing one great flight destination after another. Cleared for Take-Off by CAROLYN HAYES