Winter 2018

In this Issue 2018 6 Our Love Language is for All Seasons 10 Great Ideas are our Legacy 22 Preparation is Priceless 5 Thoughts and Prayers for the Season 6 Our Love Language is for All Seasons 8 Disabled by Love 10 Great Ideas Are Our Legacy 12 To-Do Lists 14 Thoughts on Patriotism: Pledge of Allegiance 17 A Clean Slate 18 Focus on Successes 20 Of What Value is a Penny 22 Preparation is Priceless 26 Egg Me On 28 Cleared for Takeoff 30 Health Benefits of Having a Dog 32 A Life Divided 35 Now You See It, Now You Don’t 36 When Paths Cross 38 The Power to Change Departments 4 Note from the Publisher: Grateful for Our Sponsors 25 Seasonal: Seasonal Home - Organizing By The Season January February March WINTER 2018 | 3 ON A MISSION