Winter 2018

by DOTTIE MOUNTS I am on a mission this morning. My mission is to write a message of encouragement to someone who may be weary and ready, as they say, “to throw in the towel” For someone who is ready to quit, ready to give up, I pray these words will encourage you not to quit! Don’t give up! My early mornings begin with making my bed, making my coffee and time before dawn to invite the Lord into my presence to fill me with His presence through the wonderful power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus. He never fails me, this triune being, comes into my pres- ence and hears my prayers! I know that this is what has given me hope, strength and the faith to not ever give up. I am sharing with you a short article I read in my Women’s Devotional Bible written by author Mary Crowley. It made such an impression on me that I feel I must share it. It reads as follows: “The great Russian author, Solzhenitsyn, tells the bravest story I ever heard to encourage us not to ever give up. In the Russian prison where he was, no one was allowed to speak. There was nothing to read, and no encouragement of any kind to sustain life. He said the strain and re- pression from this atmosphere had set in so bad- ly that he thought, ‘I will never get out of here.’ So he considered taking his own life. He knew that if he tried to escape he would be shot, but he thought, ‘At least that will be the end of that’. His faith would not allow him to do that though. When the day came, he was taken out early in the morning to work and when a break in the work day came, he sat under a tree. He even placed his hand behind his him, up against the tree he leaned against, ready to push off and run. Just then a shadow came across the grass and a fellow prisoner sat down beside him. They could speak no words, but he looked into the eyes of the new man who had recently come as a prisoner and saw something he had never seen in any face in prison before-a message of love and concern. As their eyes locked in silence, they started communicating in their souls and the new prisoner took a step forward and drew a cross on the ground with a stick. Solzhenitsyn said a new hope surged within him at that mo- ment. Jesus does love me. He is in command. It is not hopeless! Three days later he was released from that prison. At his release he learned that many people had been praying for him. He knew with powerful certainty that God is sovereign and there is still hope!” So you see, we must not give up! We just might be the one to communicate hope to someone else, maybe by a gesture, maybe without words, we must love and pray and hold one another up. And we must follow the mission God has assigned. This message is my assigned mission today and my prayer is that it has renewed a hope that is as written In Hebrews 6:19, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure”! by DOTTIE MOUNTS Thoughts and Prayers for the Season WINTER 2018 | 5 ON A MISSION