On a Mission 2019-Winter

Note from the Publisher: 4
Why Read or Contribute to the Publishing of On a Mission Magazine? 6
Thoughts On Patriotism: “Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory” 8
Fate of My Father 12
Hidden Picture 13
Critters, Canines and Cats, Oh My! 14
A Dream Becomes a Legacy 16
A Lasting Legacy 18
Recipe by the Season: What’s for Dinner? Taco Casserole 20
The Power is God’s But The Will is Ours! 22
Left Behind 24
The Glory of His Touch Through Me 26
He Delights in Every Detail of Our Lives! 27
Writers as Entrepreneurs 30
Starting a New Endeavor 32
Giving the Gift of You 34
A Pineapple Grew in My Garden 36